Homeless Education Services

Homeless Education Services

Charlottesville City Schools (CCS) continues to be committed to providing support to our students experiencing homelessness. The CAP provides programs to assist in the creation of successful academic experiences for these students. The CCS homeless liaison is responsible for ensuring the identification, enrollment and access to the academic programs offered by CCS.

Information for Families

What families experiencing homelessness need to know:

  • Children and youth who are homeless have a right to attend school;
  • You do not need to have a permanent address to enroll in school;
  • You have the right to attend the school you last attended before becoming homeless (school of origin) if evaluated to be in your best interest;
  • Your child has the right to transportation service to and from their school of origin;
  • Homeless children and youth have the right to immediate enrollment;
  • Enrollment records, including past school records and health records are not a reason for denial to immediate school enrollment. Help securing these documents can be offered by your school personnel and the Homeless Liaison;
  • If enrollment disputes arise, schools must provide you with written explanation and your right to appeal;
  • Unaccompanied homeless youth have these same rights.

Patrick Farrell, Homeless Liaison
Charlottesville City Schools
Department of Student Services &
Special Education
Phone: 434-245-2405
Fax: 434-245-2604

School-Based Contacts
Janie Evans, School Social Worker – Greenbrier ES, Venable ES, Charlottesville High School
Stephanie Snider, School Social Worker – Preschool, Burnley-Moran ES, Johnson ES
Jodie Murphy, School Social Worker – Buford MS, Lugo-McGinness Academy
Regan Harker, School Social Worker – Clark ES, Jackson-Via ES, Walker Upper ES

To Learn More

Dr. Kendra King
Director of Student Services and Achievement
1562 Dairy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 245-2400