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Department of Technology Services

Department of Technology Services

Supporting Charlottesville Staff and Students

Welcome to the web home for Technical Support Services at Charlottesville City Schools. Our objective is to provide and maintain an environment where technology assists students, teachers, and administrators in reaching their goals. These pages are designed to provide information on technology resources available in our school division.

Five Things To Do Before Contacting Tech Support

The following five suggestions will help us help you. You can save time (both ours and yours) by going through the steps listed below before you contact tech support. If you are still having problems after attempting these steps please feel free to contact us via the TechHelp database (see “Reporting a Technology Issue” below. While the TechHelp database is the best way to contact us regarding a technical issue you are having we can also be reached via email or telephone at extension 2404.

  1. Restart the computer. Many problems are solved by simply restarting the computer.
  2. Try, try again. Try it again to make sure there wasn’t just a one-time or temporary problem. You can even try it on another computer to see if the problem is just isolated to one machine.
  3. If you are having login problems make sure you have typed all of your information correctly and that Caps Lock isn’t on.
  4. Contact someone knowledgeable in your building. There are people at each school who can help you to solve minor problems.
  5. Gather information. The following information is helpful to anyone who is trying to diagnose a problem:
    • A thorough description of the problem including any messages that appeared.
    • What programs were running when the problem occurred?
    • What steps did you take to try to fix the problem and what were the results?
    • The type of machine were you using including the asset tag number

Department Personnel & Site-Based Staff

Pat Cuomo- Director of Technology

Beckie Martin – Administrative Assistant

Operations and Infrastructure
Tim Beasley – Senior Network Engineer
Eli Stephanou –  Systems Analyst and Integrator
Derek Smith – Network Engineer

Technical Support
Mike Hill – Lead Technology Support Specialist
Eric Sherry – Greenbrier, Jackson-Via, LMA,
Kristy Lobianco – Walker and Burnley-Moran
Kristina Durrer –  Buford and Johnson
Rod Durrer – CHS
Lamar Quarles – CHS Help Desk

Enterprise Systems
Patrick Moctezuma – Manger of Enterprise Systems

Self-Service Portal 

If you are experiencing login issues, or need to reset your password, visit: https://charlottesvilleschools.onelogin.com/

Staff can log in with Google credentials. LastF1

Reporting a Technology Issue

To report technology related problems (computer problems, telephone problems, database problems, etc.) within the division, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log into your CCS eMail
  2. Select Zendesk from the ‘More’ menu at the top of the page.
  3. Click “New” buton
  4. Fill out all fields on ticket to help expedite the process.
  5. Submit ticket. If you do not see Zendesk from the more menu, go to http://ccstech.zendesk.com and if needed login with your CCS credentials.

General Contact Information


Obtaining a Network Account

To obtain account that allows you to access the network please contact the technology rep in your building (or see your school secretary for assistance).  The technology contact in each building is responsible for requesting network and email accounts from the network administrator.