ArtQuest Program

ArtQuest Program

artquesthandsArtQuest serves fifth through twelfth grade students identified as gifted or talented in the visual arts, complementing the academic gifted program.

ArtQuest students participate in a range of differentiated learning experiences during regularly scheduled art classes and weekly opportunities in after-school art classes. Exposure to a variety of activities in the arts allows students to discover and deepen their interests, develop their abilities, and demonstrate their gifts. These include a variety of short courses taught by artists in the community and art teachers in the school division. Each semester, students receive a list of after-school seminars and they register for sessions that fit their interest and availability.

Goals of ArtQuest

The goals of ArtQuest are:

  • artquestDSC_0005To ensure interaction with peers having similar intellectual and creative abilities in the visual arts
  • To present artistic learning and challenge
  • To refine the skills of visual communication through artistic production
  • To engage students in the visual creative process, from idea formation through skill development and artistic production
  • To encourage students to embrace new and challenging art perception and production

Indentification Process

Identification Process

basket walker

The process of referring students for gifted services is continuous and may be made at any time throughout the year. Nominations can be made by school personnel, students, parents, legal guardians, community members, peers, and/or by the student himself/herself.

To initiate a referral, the person making the nomination completes the appropriate assessment form for that area of giftedness. A form may be obtained from the school office, school counselors, art teachers, or the division’s gifted education office. The completed form may be returned to the school or to the gifted education office.

Throughout the screening process, data to support a student’s nomination is collected. A drawing activity and a portfolio of artwork are reviewed. Information is placed on a chart to represent a total profile of the student and to show a pattern of performance over time. Identification committees schedule meetings throughout the academic year and the profile of each student in the screening pool is reviewed to decide if the information meets the predetermined selection criteria. Eligibility decisions rest with these committees.

Art Quest Identification Process:


Referral Nomination Deadline

Identification Meeting

Timeline for Results

Ongoing 1st school day in August September Within 10 instructional days
1st Friday in December January
2nd Friday in April May


Portfolio Preparation

Portfolio Preparation

  • Submit 6-7 pieces for each student. (5 required, 2 optional).
  • Present the work in a plain or “recycled” folder.
  • Do not mat nor mount art works.
  • Write the student’s name and school on the front of the folder and on each piece of art,
  • Submit photographs or photocopies only for 3-D work or when the original is unavailable

Artwork to Submit

  1. artquesthatA drawing in pencil on a theme or idea based on student’s strong interests
  2. A drawing in pencil from observation
  3. A color drawing
    • A landscape, still life drawing (a drawing of things or objects in a place)
    • Preferably not a color drawing of a single object
  4. A color painting (tempera, watercolors or mixed media)
    • A scene or landscape with a foreground, middle ground, and background
  5. Expressive art, something very expressive for the child
  6. (optional) A design piece
    • A print, design. collage, book, card, poster, etc.)
    • 2-D graphic design of picture plane (not as illusionary space)
  7. (optional) A 3-D piece, presented in one or more photographs

If, for any reason, you are not able to gather required artwork for a student who you feel is particularly gifted in the visual arts, assemble as many pieces as possible and include a brief note of explanation. (For example, the student just moved into the school division.)

Reflections Summer Program

is a Summer Regional Governor’s School Program for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students gifted in the visual arts. It provides conceptual and visual art experiences for artistically gifted students in association with their gifted peers.

To Learn More

Program Director: Aaron K. Eichorst
(434) 245-2671