Health and Family Life


Health and Family Life Education Program

In April of 2001, the Virginia Board of Education adopted Standards of Learning (SOL) for Health. By approving these standards developed by teachers, curriculum specialists, administrators, college faculty and representatives from health organizations, the Board acknowledges that health is an essential area of instruction.

The Charlottesville City Schools address the SOL for Health within the science curriculum at the elementary level, the physical education at the upper elementary level and in separate health classes at the middle and high schools. The goal of elementary health education is to help students demonstrate through their behavior a sense of pride in the responsibility for their mental and physical well-being. Fostering self-esteem and helping children to practice good communication and decision-making skills are key elements of the Promoting Healthy Choices curriculum. The texts and curriculum resources serve to introduce topics such as mental health, personal health and growth, nutrition, disease prevention and control, first aid and safety, and family life education. The curriculum is supplemented by media resources, guest lectures, online resources and various publications.

School health and nutrition is addressed by the school division’s Wellness Policy JHCF, which was revised and approved by the School Board in December 2011.