Physical Fitness Programs

Physical Fitness Programs

Supporting body and brain

gymPhysical fitness is integral to a student’s well-being, and our schools incorporate physical activity in a number of ways.  All schools offer physical education, and students in grades pre-K through grade 6 enjoy recess daily.  After-school clubs and teams at all schools encourage activities such as running, gardening, and dance. Buford and CHS offer more traditional competitive sports.  Many schools also encourage students to walk or bike to school.

The division is guided by our wellness policy (JHCF) and  regulations (JHCF-R).  We also convene the School Health Advisory Board to consider these issues and make recommendations.

Community Partnerships

We have partnerships with First Tee, and Quick Start Tennis of Central Virginia to provide instruction and equipment for our students. Local agencies such as Charlottesville Parks and Recreation, The Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation, and many others provide opportunities for physical activity.

The division’s wellness policy calls for a program of physical fitness that is available to all students with a goal of at least 150 minutes. In addition to physical education classes, elementary students enjoy recess every day for approximately thirty minutes. Many schools host after school activities such as P.E. nights, fun runs, health fairs, and other clubs that include physical activity. Walker, Buford, and Charlottesville High School offer team sports in which many students participate.

To teach an awareness of healthy food choices, Charlottesville City Schools partners with a number of food-related groups such as City Schoolyard Garden, Local Food Hub, and PB&J Fund as well as Martha Jefferson Hospital.