WALK Program at Charlottesville High School


WALK Program at Charlottesville High School

Work Achieves Lasting Knowledge

WALKlogohiresThe mission of Charlottesville City Schools is “Personal and Academic Success for All.” With this in mind, the Work Achieves Lasting Knowledge (WALK) program actively promotes ongoing success for its students and manages barriers to on-time graduation.

As part of the instructional team at Charlottesville High School, the WALK staff builds personal relationships with each student, developing specific goals and expectations that will ensure success. Even though some students may have challenges that prevent them from succeeding in a traditional classroom, the WALK classroom offers nontraditional learning in an atmosphere much like the old-fashioned one-room schoolhouse. Teachers often work side by side with students, celebrating every success.  As students gain confidence (“I’m actually starting to like algebra!” says one), they begin to see how the benefits of learning apply to them. Students can pace themselves through online learning in a supportive, more flexible environment.

Who comes to WALK?

  • Students who are failing a class or classes
  • Seniors who are missing credits needed for graduation
  • Students who are in danger of dropping out, particularly those who will turn 18 before school ends
  • Students with health or trauma issues that jeopardize their success in a traditional classroom
  • Transfer students who need to meet Virginia requirements
  • Students who can be served most appropriately in an alternative setting
  • Former students in need of additional support

The success of WALK is personified by its students. In the 2008-09 school year, 159 students earned a total of 140.5 credits through WALK. These credits were part of the total credits gained from traditional coursework. Of these, 43 were seniors whose participation in WALK—coupled with support from teachers throughout CHS—helped them achieve their ultimate goal of graduation.

One recent graduate, who did his community service project for government through WALK, wrote “I put to rest personal ignorance and helped my former school community. ”

“In an essay on Pride and Prejudice for English 12 credit through WALK, another graduate wrote, “Mr. Darcy is a caring, amiable person whose pride was just misunderstood shyness. As his character was slowly revealed, I found I had a lot in common with Mr. Darcy.”

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