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We're use ParentSquare to keep families up to date with all that is going on with your child at school. Parents and guardians (plus CHS students) automatically receive a “daily digest” each day around 6pm with any updates from teachers, coaches, your principal, the PTO, or the school division. 

You can also use ParentSquare to send or receive any direct messages with school staff. Plus, ParentSquare includes calendars, event sign-ups, and much more.

  • How to Get Started

    Parents and guardians automatically receive a 6pm “daily digest” via email and/or text using the information on file for your student(s).

    But to adjust your settings and maximize the benefits, please visit and create your account with the email or phone number that is on file for your student(s) in our school records. We strongly encourage users to download the free app!

  • Manage Your Notifications

    ParentSquare allows parents/guardians to customize their experience of receiving messages (email, text, and/or app notifications). Don’t want to receive a lot of notifications? The default setting is to receive one daily summary of notifications (with the exception of emergency notifications).

    Emergency messages plus direct (individual) messages  will go to all families immediately regardless of your notification settings.

  • Language Preferences (español, عربي, kiswahili and 100 other languages)

    ParentSquare supports 100+ languages. Select your language now! See instructions below for both the website browser and for the app.

    Using a Website Browser

    1. From Home, click the down arrow next to your name, in the upper right.
    2. Select My Account.

    3. Click on Language Settings in the left hand sidebar.


    4. Select your preferred language from the drop down menu and click Save. 

    Using the Mobile App  

    Follow the steps below to change the language for Posts and Messages sent to you.

    1. From Home, tap the triple bars (menu) in the upper left.


    2. Select Account, then Preferences. 


    3. From the Preferences screen select Language.


    4. Choose your preferred language. You will receive all post messages in your preferred language.

  • Not Receiving Messages? Need help?

    If you are not receiving any ParentSquare messages from your teacher, school, or the division, please contact your school. The school registrar may need to update your information in PowerSchool. If the school registrar can’t help you, they will let our IT department know.

More About ParentSquare

ParentSquare has many features, and we may not use them all immediately. 

Available features:

  • safety alerts
  • 2-way translation in more than 100 languages
  • attendance notifications (and a way for you to excuse absences)
  • a calendar and scheduling tool for meetings and conferences
  • a groups function for PTOs, sports/clubs, etc.
  • secure document delivery
  • and MORE in an easy-to-use, social-media-like interface

Check out this 3-minute video for a quick introduction to all ParentSquare offers: 

Translated Video: Amharic | Arabic | Bengali Espanol | Haitian-Creole