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Child Custody and Legal Guardianship

students playing outside togetherThe school division recognizes that issues related to the legal and physical custody of students are complicated and  can impact the student’s educational experience. Parents and legal guardians of students are strongly encouraged to stay involved with their student’s academic progress. Parents and guardians are encouraged to maintain their ParentSquarePowerSchool, and Canvas accounts and contact information so that they can check student grades and keep up-to-date. Official notices and report cards will be sent to the parent or legal guardian with primary physical custody of the student during the school year. If the non-custodial parent wishes to receive a duplicate copy, submit a request in writing to the school. The non-custodial parent may need to document that they have rights to the records.

Unless a court order decrees otherwise, either parent or a legal guardian may view education records and attend school functions or school meetings regarding the student. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal custodian with primary physical custody to provide current copies of court orders to the school. Child visitation and exchange of custody should not take place during school hours or on school property.

The school division will assume no responsibility for enforcing visitation or custody orders and reserves the right to prohibit parents or legal guardians from entering school property if their conduct becomes disruptive to the school environment.

Concerns regarding custody and visitation should be directed to the school principal. Anyone other than the natural parent of a child otherwise eligible to attend Charlottesville City Schools must provide legal guardianship papers before the child may be enrolled in school. Guardianship is granted only by the Judge of the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.