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Teacher Licensure

Virginia Teacher Licensure Application Information

We are glad that you are interested in obtaining your teaching license!  The following steps must be followed to apply for your license:

Complete all Indicated Areas of Application Form

  • This application is for an initial license in Virginia.
  • Submission of a complete application package is required. If an incomplete package is submitted and a license cannot be issued, your application will not be retained longer than one year.

Include Nonrefundable Application Fee

  • Attach a certified check, cashier’s check, personal check, or money order made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia.
  • The in-state fee is $50 and the out-of-state fee is $75. The fee is determined by the address on your application.

Submit College Verification Form (included in Application Form)

  • Send this form to the certification/licensure officer of the college or university where you completed a state-approved program and/or to the designated official of the college or university from which your most recent degree was earned.
  • The student teaching/internship/practicum verification (Part II) must be completed for each student teaching/internship/practicum experience. (If you have completed state-approved programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, please have both institutions complete a form.)

Request Official Student Transcripts

  • Contact the registrar’s office of all colleges/universities where you have earned degrees. Request official student transcripts to be sent to you so you can enclose them with your application packet.
  • Official student transcripts (bearing the registrar’s signature and embossed seal) which have been issued to student are acceptable. Placement records sent from colleges, electronic transcripts, and photocopies of transcripts will not be accepted or returned.

Submit Professional Assessment Scores

  • Review the requirements for Virginia teacher assessment scores, and submit  a copy of your required scores.

Complete Child Abuse Recognition and Intervention Training

  • All instructional personnel required to hold a license for their positions are required to complete this requirement. Individuals must complete the child abuse recognition and intervention requirement PRIOR TO LICENSURE AND PRIOR TO EMPLOYMENT IN A VIRGINIA PUBLIC SCHOOL.
  • A free training module is available. Be sure your computer is connected to a printer when completing this training so you can print the certificate of completion. Submit this certificate with your completed application.

Seek Emergency First Aid, CPR, and AED Training or Certification

Request Completion of Report on Experience (included in Application Form) (if applicable)

  • Request the completion of this form by the appropriate non-public school or public school division official if you have completed at least one-year of full-time contractual teaching or other professional experience in grades K-12.

Submit Out-of-State License(s) (if applicable)

  • Submit a photocopy of each out-of-state license.


  • It is your responsibility to send all documentation along with the correct fee. It will take approximately eight to ten weeks to process your credentials.
  • Should you have any questions, please contact the Virginia Department of Education.