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Assessment Data

Colored pencil bar graph

Each year students participate in a variety of assessments. Some are required by the state to address state and federal accountability requirements. Some involve student preparation for post-secondary admission and education, and others give classroom teachers and parents information about academic growth during the school year.

Programs and services to support student achievement and enhance learning and teaching are guided by the 2017-2023 CCS Strategic Plan.

At Charlottesville Schools, like schools across the state and country, we find socioeconomic and racial disparities in areas such as standardized test scores. Visit our equity page to learn more about our successes and challenges, and how we work to support all of our students.

Assessment Data (paper copies available at your school)

  • School Quality Profiles from the Virginia Department of Education. Click here for the Charlottesville City Schools Quality Profile.
  • Graduation and drop-out data from the Virginia Department of Education
  • Accreditation ratings from the Virginia Department of Education


Director of Assessment and Accountability
Carolyn Swift, 245-2400 or