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Medications at School

NOTE: If at all possible, students do better when taking medications at home. For example, medications that need to be taken 3 times a day can be timed so that the student takes a dose before the school day, one after school, and one dose at bedtime.

blank precription sheet

If the student’s medication schedule means they must take a dose at school, or if medication needs to be available on an as-needed basis, students can safely store and take their medications in the nurse’s office. To do so, the following requirements must be in place:

  • An annual “Permission for Medication” form signed by doctor and parent/guardian.
  • Prescription medication must be in a container that has been labeled by the pharmacy and has the most current prescription date. Over-the-counter medication must be in a sealed, unopened new bottle.
  • Parent/guardian must deliver medication to the school clinic, as students are not permitted to transport medication.
  • Medicines must be picked up at year’s end or they will be disposed.

“No-Carry Rule”

Students may not carry medications or self-administer anything during the school day with some exceptions for field trips (at Walker and Buford) and at CHS (for some medications at all times). A current “Administration of Medicine” form must be on file.

Possible Exceptions to the “No Carry” Rule for Buford, Walker, and CHS:

  • inhalers for students with asthma (for field trips for Buford/Walker students)
  • Benadryl and epipen and other allergy medication for students with severe food or insect allergies
  • glucagon and other supplies for students with diabetes

To Learn More

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