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Promotion & Retention

A set of multiple criteria will be used for determining the promotion or retention of students. Any decision to retain a student will be made by the principal and teachers in consultation with parents/guardians. For any student in grades K-8, the decision for promotion or retention will be based on acquisition of skills and knowledge, as well as other evidence of growth determined by teachers and principal. For students at CHS, promotion to grades 10, 11, or 12 will be based on a specified number of credits earned.

CCS will offer a remediation program for any student who needs additional assistance in academic content or as a result of Virginia assessment scores. Each school offers a remediation program. Eligibility and procedures for participation are available at the school.

See also the Promotion and Retention Policy (Policy IKEC) and SOL Remediation Recovery Program (Policy IKG).


  • Contact your principal
  • Or contact the Chief Academic Officer at (434) 245-2400.