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Returning to School After a Medical Absence or Injury

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Looking for guidance for returning to school after illness? Click here.

When a child is transitioning back to school after an extended illness or injury, please keep in mind building features that may have an impact:

  • significant walking distances between some classes
  • walking to class may necessitate going outdoors
  • many sets of stairs throughout the school
  • elevator use requires a special pass from school nurse or administrator


  • If a student requires any special adaptation in school (for example: non-participation in PE class, a need to use the elevator, or the frequent need to use the rest room), the nurse’s office must have a note or prescription from a health care provider describing what is needed and for how many days.


  • For some communicable diseases, the nurse’s office may need to receive a note from the health care provider stating that the child has received adequate treatment.