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Email Filtering Information

  • Charlottesville City Schools employs a filter to reduce the amount of spam (unsolicited junk email) and virus-infected email that you receive in your inbox. This filter works by scanning all incoming mail for viruses, spam, and potentially malicious attachments (i.e. those usually associated with viruses). It will then analyze the results of the scan and quarantine any mail that is suspect.
  • The intent of the filter is to increase the likelihood that the mail in your mailbox is legitimate mail. It will not completely eliminate unwanted email or viruses. You must still use good judgment and common sense when opening email messages, especially those with attachments. Junk mail may still be delivered to your mailbox as no filter is 100% effective at catching all spam. Filters are always playing catch-up and reacting to the new and creative strategies that spammers employ. Also, newsletters and other email that you have opted to receive, even though you may consider them junk, may not be blocked by the filter. Virus infected messages may also be delivered to your mailbox before they have been identified as viruses by the anti-virus vendors we use.
  • Due to the technology used to scan mail, filters will occasionally mistakenly identify legitimate mail messages as spam. You will need to check your quarantine periodically to ensure that there are no legitimate messages (false-positives) stored there.
  • Do not rely on a filter, to block all undesirable messages. Immediately delete messages that are suspicious. Do not open attachments that you are not expecting.