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Software Requests

What can I expect if I need to requests upgrades for software?

  • Before funding an upgrade, schools will benefit by confirming the product is compatible with Windows 10, and by having a Curriculum Coordinator review the product to confirm that the product is approved educational software.

What do I do if I want additional software on my student or my staff laptops?

  • The staff or school requester will be required to use the formal software request process. The process requires that the content area coordinator test and endorse the educational software, and submit the request for inclusion in software prioritization.

What are the deadlines for submitting requests for software installations or upgrades?

  • The annual request to include new software, in addition to the baseline student or staff image, need to be submitted by May 1st to your Curriculum Coordinator. This applies to all software that will be needed the following school year.
  • Software requests during the school year for new or upgraded software will need to be submitted by November 1st.

What is the new process for adding software to multiple classroom or staff computers?

  1. The software request form will need to be filled in by the person requesting the software and then submitted to the appropriate Curriculum Coordinator.
  2. The Curriculum Coordinator will review the instructional value of the software and submit the request to the Technology Department.
  3. The Technology Department will test the software for compatibility testing on the school image.
  4. The Technology Department will route the request to Instructional Assoc Sup, Career & Technical Education Assistant Superintendent or Exceptional Education Director for final approval.

The Technology Department will then prepare the software for installation.