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Parent, student and teacher talkingKindergarten in Charlottesville: An Overview

Students entering Charlottesville City Schools for the first time must register at the school the child will attend. In order to enroll, potential kindergarteners must be 5 years old by September 30.

An open house for kindergarten registration occurs in mid-to-late April. After that time, contact your neighborhood elementary school (see school registrar contact info, below). 

Which school will your child attend? Find out here. 

More Kindergarten Information

How to Register

All kindergartners will register as “new students” (even if they are enrolled in the Cville Schools 4-year-old program).



If you do not choose to upload proof of residency and other documents (see list below), bring them to the open house! Or someone from your child’s school will be in touch later about how you can bring the documents to the school.



Click-by-Click Steps to register a new student in School Mint:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Log in or create a new acount
  3. Check the upper right corner to verify you are in the 2024-2025 year 
  4. Add a new student if the student doesn’t already appear; if the student already appears, click “Add Forms” on the rising Kindergarten student tile
  5. Complete the Student Information page that appears and click “Save & Continue”
  6. Choose the Elementary School tile and finish the registration form. You can securely upload the required documents or bring them to the open house

Kindergarten FAQ

Which school will my child attend?

School Registrar Contact Information:

School Telephone Fax Email
Burnley-Moran 434-245-2413 434-245-2613
Summit 434-245-2414 434-245-2614
Greenbrier 434-245-2415 434-288-0387
Jackson-Via 434-245-2416 434-245-2616
Johnson 434-245-2417 434-245-2617
Trailblazer 434-245-2418 434-245-2618
Walker 434-245-2412 434-245-2612
Buford 434-245-2411 434-245-2611
CHS 434-245-2410 434-245-2609


What is the required documentation to enroll in Charlottesville City Schools?

Students enrolling in the Charlottesville City Schools for the first time must provide:

  • Original birth certificate (or certified copy)
  • Proof of residency
    • Mortgage, lease, real estate tax statement OR
    • Driver’s license or government-issued photo ID plus current utility bill (electric, gas, water/sewer)
  • A completed “school health entrance form” showing that the child has received a physical examination performed by a physician within a year of enrollment. (Required for all K students, even if they have been enrolled in the preschool program.) Suggestion: Call your doctor’s office to ask if they’ll fax your child’s form to your school. Fax numbers are listed with school registrar contact list, above, or on this page.
  • A completed immunization record (part of the “school health entrance form”)
  • Custody or guardianship paperwork (if necessary)
  • Don’t have everything? Bring what you have to the school, and they will help you.

School divisions are required to accept students who meet residency requirements under § 22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia and may not deny a free public education to undocumented school-age children who reside within their jurisdiction because they do not hold valid United States citizenship or a student visa. Questions should be addressed to the Director of Special Education and Student Services at 245-2405.

Out-of-Division Students

When space is available, Charlottesville City Schools permits out-of-division families to apply for enrollment and to pay tuition for students in grades K-12.