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Opportunities for Parents, Community Members, and Students

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Thank you so much for your willingness to donate your time and energy to the students of Charlottesville City Schools.  We sincerely appreciate your dedication to our students and our schools and look forward to working with you.  By lending your services, you help forward our mission of being an interconnected, equity-focused school community committed to providing the skills and knowledge needed for lifelong learning, engaged citizenship, and personal fulfillment. Through your active involvement in CCS, you contribute to both teaching and learning, and you demonstrate the value of giving back. Thank you so much for committing to our young people and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Ways to Volunteer

Level 1 Volunteers:

Level one volunteers are those who plan to support our students one time or in an ongoing way for a school-sponsored event or school-sponsored activity.  Examples of level one volunteers are those who would like to serve as a teacher's aide, classroom helper, chaperone a day field trip, help with resource time, recess or dismissal, or act as a tutor or mentor for our students.  All of this work should be done under the supervision of a CCS staff member.

Level 2 Volunteers

Level 2 volunteers are required to complete a background check and the sex offender registry check.  This process can take up to six weeks.  Level two volunteers are those who may supervise or monitor students without needing the supervision of a staff member.  Examples of these volunteers are volunteer coaches and those who plan on chaperoning overnight field trips.  Level two volunteers should contact the Department of Human Resources to schedule a background check once the school administrator has submitted your name to the Human Resources department. The Department of Human Resources can be reached at 434-245-2956. 

Volunteer Training

Who should complete the Volunteer Training Process?

Anyone interested in being a Level 1 or Level 2 Volunteer should complete the training process.  Visitors do not need to complete the volunteer training.  Visitors are those who visit the school in a limited capacity such as being a guest reader, speaking in a classroom, visiting to observe or support a celebration, or helping with a class party. 

Here is our process to volunteer:

Step 1: Watch the Cville Schools Volunteer Training Video which covers information in the CCS Volunteer Handbook.

Step 2: Watch the VDOE Recognizing Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect video (highly recommended) CCS Child Abuse & Neglect Policy

Step 3: Complete the Cville Schools Volunteer Application Registration Form

Step 4: (CHS Volunteers only) Sign-up

How long does it take to complete the volunteer process?

Once you complete the three steps, applicants will receive an email confirmation upon approval.  This process can take up to two (2) weeks from the time the application is completed.  You cannot volunteer or provide services in any capacity until this notice is received.  Volunteer status is good for one (1) academic year.  Approved volunteers will receive an annual email notice to renew. 

Non-Classroom Opportunities

  • The Adult Learning Center welcomes volunteers to assist with GED and ESL classes. Contact the Adult Learning Center at 245-2815 for information.

Student Volunteers

  • Different schools also organize service activities through clubs and classroom activities. Check with your school to learn more about ways to get involved.