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Charlottesville Teachers Win Shannon Grants

The Edgar and Eleanor Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education:  Charlottesville/Albemarle has announced its grant award recipients for the 2015-2016 school year.

Twenty-one excellent and innovative proposals from Charlottesville and Albemarle public school teachers have been selected for funding this year totaling $20,089.

To learn more about the Shannon Foundation and our annual grant awards to teachers, please contact Stephanie Leech at or visit our website at


$20,089 total funding for 21 grants CHARLOTTESVILLE CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS:

  • Kena Brandt, Greenbrier Elementary, $350, “Hop into Reading, Skip into Math”
  • Carmella Johnson, Greenbrier Elementary, $750, “Science in Motion”
  • Carmella Johnson, Greenbrier Elementary, $750, “You Light Up My Life”
  • Mary Elizabeth J. Via, Greenbrier Elementary, $287, “The Ties That Bind Us”
  • Karl Helmstetter, Lugo-McGinniss Academy, $750, “Student Garden”
  • Stephanie Tatel, Venable Elementary, $646, “Audio Books for Struggling Readers”
  • Melissa Combs, Venable Elementary and Burnley Moran Elementary, $310, “Wet Felting”
  • Kathleen Gragg, Venable Elementary, $5,000, “Number Ninjas”
  • Samantha Pagni, Walker Upper Elementary School, $2,277, “Take Your Best Shot”
  • Lee Owen, Baker-Butler Elementary, $169, “Let’s Get Crackin’”
  • Lisa Baker, Baker-Butler Elementary, $532, “Grow Fresh, Grow Local”
  • Lisa Baker, Baker-Butler Elementary, $391, “Walk Like an Egyptian”
  • Lisa Harman, Baker-Butler Elementary, $486, ”What’s the Matter”
  • Tony Zentgraf, Burley Middle School, $500, “Garden Project”
  • Rob Dent, Jouett Middle School, $620, “Bring in the Birds”
  • Beth Kavounas, Red Hill Elementary, $625, “Full STEAM Ahead”
  • Angie Foreman, Stone-Robinson Elementary, $563, “Student Designed Maker Space”
  • Caroline Bertrand, Western Albemarle High School, $636, “Hummingbird Kits”
  • Leslie Wills-Taylor, Woodbrook Elementary, $740, “Weather Station Creation”
  • Lee Owen, Baker-Butler Elementary, $858, “What’s Cookin’?”
  • Lisa Boyce, Henley Middle School, $2,849, “Field Guide to the Schoolyard”