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Buford Car Dropoff/Pickup: Enter/Exit via 9th St. Only

Posted Date: 8/23/23 (11:37 AM)

Buford families: We are so glad to all be back together. For those picking up/dropping off students via car, please see the instructions and map below for an important clarification:

  • During dropoff and pickup, all parent car traffic must enter/exit from 9th St. SW

  • After entering from 9th St. SW, make the first right turn. Do not continue straight as this is construction traffic only. 

  • Drop off/pick up students from the sidewalk between B and D Buildings.

  • Do not use the Cherry Ave. entrance/exit: This is for bus traffic only, and we have found that mixing car and bus pickup/dropoff can create unsafe situations.

Thank you for helping us make student dropoff/pickup safe for our whole community!

Principal Jordan