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Need Login Help? Feeling “Login Overload”? Your Questions Answered

Posted Date: 9/13/23 (3:40 PM)

Thanks for a great start to the school year! As we look ahead, let’s make sure you have the logins you need to stay connected and on top of your student’s growth and learning. 

ParentSquare is the communications tool that teachers, principals, and division leaders use to make group posts and send individual messages. (You can also use it to send messages to school and division staff!) ParentSquare works fine without the app or a web sign-in, but it works best when you activate your account. 

Canvas is an online classroom tool, or a “learning management system.” It’s the website teachers and students use for some class activities, assignments, materials, grades, and more. Parents can create an account to monitor their students’ grades and progress – just ask your child to create pairing codes. 

PowerSchool is a web login (and app) containing students’ grades and attendance. Due to timing issues, PowerSchool and Canvas grades may not always match. Canvas has the most up-to-date grades on a day-by-day basis. By the end of the grading period, grades are synced and PowerSchool becomes the authoritative source for report cards. 

And while PowerSchool will show your child’s past attendance, we use the communications tool ParentSquare to issue daily attendance notifications and allow parents to send back attendance notes. (Yes, it’s unfortunate that PowerSchool and ParentSquare have such similar name!!) 

  • Today, you will also receive an alert containing your family’s PowerSchool login info. If you need to reset your login, add student(s) to your account, or more, the alert will give you child-specific information. (See “Alerts and Messages” in ParentSquare).

  • Read more about PowerSchool & How to Create a Parent Login. 

  • If you are downloading the app, the district code is KRNB.

Other Tools or Ways to Stay Connected

Google calendars appear on our website, in ParentSquare, and if you want, they can appear on your phone or device, as well.  Follow the “academic calendar” to add school holidays. Add your individual schools to keep up-to-date with school events.

School meals – breakfast and lunch – are free for all students this year (no application needed). Families may still wish to add funds to an account in My Payments Plus for any à la carte food items. (These snack items will be available later this fall at Buford and Walker.)

This year, we switched to a new program called SchoolMint to help new families register and to help returning families re-register (update telephone numbers, submit bus requests, give annual field trip permission, etc.) If you’ve already re-registered, you won’t need SchoolMint until it’s time to re-register next year.

This message is being sent to parents/guardians of students in grades 5 and up. For elementary school families, ParentSquare is the main tool that is needed for day-to-day use.