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Emergency Planning

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School leaders work throughout the year evaluating security measures and planning for crises and emergencies. Safety is our top priority. We work with local first-responders, develop building-specific security procedures, and participate in emergency management training and activities.

Our plans include:

  1. Training for all employees
  2. Encouraging a culture of “see something, say something”
  3. Routine safety drills
  4. Building-specific security procedures and annual safety audits
  5. A team of care and safety assistants who build relationships with students, staff, and the community and who promote a safe school atmosphere
  6. Strong and expanded school-based staffing of counselorssocial workers, and psychologists (in 2021, we doubled the number of mental health professionals in our schools.)
  7. Threat assessment teams at all schools
  8. Surveillance cameras, screening procedures for visitors, buzz-in entrances, lighting/locking upgrades, and standardized exterior door signage to assist first responders
  9. Continued awareness of local or national events and their impact
  10. Participation in local emergency management activities and drills with government, school, and public health officials
  11. Attendance at school safety conferences to stay in step with best practices
  12. Partnering with the community, including situations when police come to schools to promote safety.

These emergency plans complement our larger goals for promoting safety by building systems of supports for all students, promoting wellness, and creating a positive school culture.