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Care and Safety Assistants

  • During 2020-21, Charlottesville City Schools convened a committee to gather feedback, research options, and make a recommendation for a new plan for school safety. As part of the new model, in August 2021, Charlottesville City Schools hired and trained a team of Care and Safety Assistants with deep relationships in the community to be an extra set of hands in the hallways and oversee safety  practices. The CSAs are certified school security officers trained in areas such as de-escalation, teen mental health first aide, safety procedures, and more.
  • The new model for safety also places more mental health professionals in our schools. In addition, the plan calls for schools to engage in intentional community-building to foster good relationships, which safety experts say is the most foundational and impactful tool to promote safety. Finally, the plan relies on community partners such as the police to promote safety. Find our CCS/Charlottesville Police Department Protocols – MOU (2021).