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Food and Nutrition Services at Charlottesville City Schools

An Award-Winning Commitment to Fresh, Local, and Healthy Meals

Collage of students eating a healthy lunchCharlottesville City Schools strives to serve fresh, local, healthy, and tasty meals to our students, supplying breakfast and lunch as well as a snack for our after-school programs.

To learn more and see menus, visit our dedicated school nutrition web site.

Our policy about school meals and snacks (JHCH) establishes that students with an unpaid balance will be allowed to make meal choices from the posted school menu. At the end of the year, any unpaid balances are paid by private donations or Charlottesville Schools funds.



Pandemic EBT Update: For families in Charlottesville who qualify for Pandemic Electronic Benefits, the Virginia Department of Social Services will issue the benefits on September 25.  If you do not receive your benefits, you can contact  the P-EBT Call Center at 1-866-513-1414.


Free/Reduced Meal Application

The 2022-23 application for free/reduced meals has been posted below. Students at Buford, Clark, Jackson-Via, Johnson, Walker, and CHS will not need to apply since those schools qualify for school-wide free meals through the USDA’s Community Eligibility Program.

2022-23 Applications for Free/Reduced Meals


On the nutrition web site,  you will find: