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Shared Drive Access

Accessing the Division-Wide Shared Folder

A division-wide shared folder has been created to facilitate document sharing among staff members located throughout the school division. This folder functions in a similar manner to the shared folders located on each school’s file server.

Please follow the appropriate directions below to access the division-wide shared folder. If you have problems connecting to a particular shared folder or wish to create a shared folder for a division-wide group, please contact TechSupport via ZenDesk or speak to your building level technology contact.

    1. Open “My Computer”
    2. Locate the drive labeled Shared on ‘Ccs_master\Docs1’ (T:)
    3. Open the drive
    4. Navigate to the appropriate folder
    1. Open “My Network Places”
    2. Open Novell Connections
    3. Open CCS (with the Tree icon)
    4. Open US
    5. Open CCS
    6. Open CCS_MASTER
    7. Open docs1
    8. Open the folder labeled Shared
    9. Navigate to the appropriate folder
    1. From the Go menu select Connect to Server… (Cmd-K)
    2. Enter “” in the Server Address: field and click the Connect button
    3. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields and click the Connect button
    4. Select CCS_MASTER.DOCS1 and click the OK button
    5. Open the CCS_MASTER.DOCS1 icon that was created on your desktop
    6. Open the folder labeled Shared
    7. Navigate to the appropriate folder

    *** Mac OS users who save files to shared folders should ensure that they append the appropriate file extension to the end of their file names so that Windows users are able to easily open documents created on Mac OS computers. The more common extensions are .doc for Microsoft Word files, .xls for Microsoft Excel files, .ppt for Microsoft PowerPoint files, .cwk for AppleWorks files, and .fp5 for FileMaker Pro databases.