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Note: New URL for PowerSchool Parent Portal

Outline of a P in rainbow colorsHere are the URLs for accessing PowerSchool:



PowerSchool is an online tool to help schools, students, and families stay connected throughout the year. Create a PowerSchool parent portal account so you can check grades, attendance, and more. Make sure all of your students are added to your parent portal.

New PowerSchool Users

In mid-August, contacts of new students will receive an email with the access codes and passwords for their new students. If you need to create a new account and don’t have this information, call your school (see below) to learn the access codes and passwords for your student(s). Then use these instructions to create your account. Save your log-in information because you will want to return regularly to check grades, update how you receive messages from the schools, and more.

To Add a Child

To add a child to your existing account, call your school (see below) to learn the additional child’s access code/password. Then log in and click “Account Preferences,” then “Students,” then “Add.” Enter the student’s “access info.”

Other Parent Accounts

To learn more about other family accounts (Canvas, My Payments Plus, etc.), please click here.

PowerSchool App

PowerSchool has a useful app. Our district code is KRNB.

School Registrar Contact List:

  • Burnley-Moran: Tracy Coleman 434-245-2413
  • Clark: Aisha Anderson 434-245-2414
  • Greenbrier: Danielle Lewandowski 434-245-2415
  • Jackson-Via: Chavonne Wilson  434-245-2416
  • Johnson: Liz Merlino 434-245-2417
  • Venable: Janine Utz 434-245-2418
  • Walker: Damonia Lee  434-245-2412
  • Buford: Damonia Lee 434-245-2411
  • CHS: Ashley Rasmussen Fax: 434-245-2410